(Chinese Traditional / Folk) Chinese Chaozhou Music (6 CD's) 2001, MP3 , 320kbps

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Chinese Chaozhou Music 6 CD's

Жанр: Chinese Traditional / Folk
Год выпуска диска: 2001
Производитель диска: China Record Corp. Guangzhou
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320kbps
Продолжительность: 05:33:42
Vol.1 - Chaozhou Buddhist Melodies
01. Ode to the South Sea
02. Golden Lotus
03. Morning Bells from Putuo
04. Triratna
05. Double Offering
06. Blessed voyage in the Sea
07. Treasured Hill Willow shade
08. Warshipping Buddha
Vol.2 - Popular String Melodies
01. Red Plums
02. A Bright Moon in Spring
03. Swallows Flying in Pairs
04. To Buy Wine with Jade Pot
05. As Beautiful As Spring Blossom Ransplanting Flowers)
06. Two Lions Playing with a Ball
07. Mid-auturmn moon
08. Willows in Spring Breeze
09. Jade China
10. Little Peach Blossom
11. Jackdaws Playing in Water
12. Adding Flowers to the Brocade
Vol.3 - Chaozhou Gong & Drum Music
01. Casting a Fishing Net
02. Ten Immortals Celebrating Birthday
03. Two Fighting Geeze
04. Spring over the Fishing Port
05. Pursuing the Boat
06. Thrush Jumping on Trellis
Vol.4 - Flute Melodies of Chaoyang
01. Lighttower
02. Song of Commander
03. Little Peach Blossom
04. Giant Golden-Haired Lion
05. Sheep at Hillkside
06. Four Ground Sights
07. Ascending Tower, Descending Tower
Vol.5 - Fine Music [Trichord, Pipa & Zither]
01. Jackdaws Playing in water
02. Moon over the West River
03. Lotus
04. Wild Geeze Landing on Sand Beach
05. Butterflies Gathering Pollen
06. A maiden's Lament
07. Liu Qing Niang 1
08. Wild Geeze Flying Southward
09. Eighteen Beats on the Hu Jia
10. Bitter on the Fall of Suiyang
11. Temple of blessing and virtue
12. Liu Qing Niang 2
13. Rain Splashing on Pear Flowers
Vol.6 - Popular Melodies for the Silk-stringed & Suona
01. Liu Qing Niang
02. Lot Linked to Pine and Cypress
03. The Graceful & Unconvertional
04. A Pair of Parrots
05. Playing the Xiao to Atteact Phoenix
06. A Beauty
07. Gong for Stroll
08. Min-night Dream, Longing for his Return, Elipement
09. Liu Qing Niang
10. Selling Sundry Goods
11. Butterflies Gathering Pollen
12. Riding a Dunkey Backward
13. Joining Marriage on the Field Bank
Доп. информация: Музыка Чаочжоу - восточной части южной провинции Гуандун
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