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[Психиатрия] Kalle Achte, Jouko Lonnqvist -Psychopathology of Direct and Indirect Self-Destruction / Психопатология прямого и непрямого саморазрушения [1978, PDF, ENG]

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AlexSLR · 16-Апр-11 02:06 (8 лет 1 месяц назад)

Psychopathology of Direct and Indirect Self-Destruction / Психопатология прямого и непрямого саморазрушения
Год выпуска: 1978
Автор: Kalle Achte, Jouko Lonnqvist / Калле Ачте, Юко Лонквист
Жанр: Клиническая Психиатрия
Специальность: Психиатрия
Издательство: Psyciatria Fennica Supplementum
ISBN: 951-709-030-7
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Количество страниц: 113
Язык: Английский
Описание: Из предсловия:
Most people are likely to connect self-destructive behaviour principally with suicide in their minds. Suicide in fact traditionally forms the central area of the study of self-destruction. Also, suicide prevention has, with reason, occupied a notable position in international professional discussion. However, suicide can be regarded as merely one of a variety of forms of self-destruction, as the "summit of an iceberg", as it were.
Other forms of self-destructive behaviour are of far more frequent occurrence. We hardly exaggerate at all if we maintain that at least in its mildest forms self-destructive behaviour is familiar to all of us from our own experience. As a clinical problem, self-destructive behaviour also belongs to the everyday phenomena of psychiatry and cannot be regarded as the concern of a small specialist group alone. Self-destructive behaviour, conceived of in a broad sense, is connected with such psychopathological dimensions as depression, anxiety and aggression.
To promote a better understanding of self-destructive behaviour and the international discussion concerning it, the Section of Clinical Psychopathology of the World Psychiatric Association arranged a symposium for the consideration of this topic on June 17 and 18,1977, in Helsinki as part of its more comprehensive activities related to this theme, which have also been continued later and will be continued in the near future as well.
The purpose of the World Psychiatric Association WPA is to promote scientific research and advance co-operation between psychiatrists living in different countries and in different parts of the world. Each section of the WPA, the Section of Clinical Psychopathology included, is expected to organize international scientific meetings devoted to some important question in the field of psychiatry. With this in view, the Section of Clinical Psychopathology organized with the Psychiatric Clinic of Helsinki University Central Hospital the above-mentioned successful meeting on the topic of "The Psychopathology of Direct and Indirect Self-Destruction".
This book has been built around the discussion papers presented at the symposium. We hope that it could contribute to the elucidation of the psychopathology of self-destructive behaviour, on the one hand, and stimulate fresh, creative discussion and scientific research concerning it, on the other.
Our knowledge of self-destructive behaviours is still very deficient. Likewise, the clinical application of the knowledge we already possess has been defective. Indirect self-destruction, in particular, forms an extensive problem area, offering new, demanding challenges to those working in the field of psychiatry.
In order to understand self-destructive behaviour it will be necessary for us to conceive of the concept of psychopathology not only at a narrowly intrapsychic level but also at an interpersonal level and relative to our entire social environment. In this symposium, the problems of self-destructive behaviour were considered from a wide variety of viewpoints, but the perspective was still limited in several respects. In point of fact, however, the goal was not even initially a truly comprehensive, holistic approach; instead, we saw meeting merely as a part of a wider and continually ongoing discussion concerning self-destructive behaviour.
Wa wish to thank the participants in the symposium tor their co-operation, and wo also wish to express our gratitude to all those, both individual people and organizations, who made possible the symposium and the publication of this book. We hope that this book could, for its part, help to improve the preconditions for the study of self-destructive behaviour and reduce its detrimental effects.
Helsinki, November 1978
Kalle Achte Jouko Lonnqvist
Доп. информация:
Об авторах:
Карл Аймо (Калле) Ачте - финский психиатр, психоаналитик, профессор психиатрии в университете Хельсинки и в психиатрической клинике при университете. Занимал пост медицинского директора клиники с 1969 по 1991 годы. Автор множества публикаций в области психиатрии.
Юко Лонквист - профессор Национального Института Общественного Здравоохранения и глава Департамента Психического Здоровья и Исследования Алкоголя. Является также профессором психиатрии в университете Хельсинки и главным врачом Департамнта Психиатрии Районной Больницы Хельсинки и города Уусимаа. Более 30-ти лет занимался исследованиями в области умственного переутомления, депрессии, само-разрушающего поведения, проблем связанных с алкоголизмом, а также психозами. Работая профессором в Национальном Институте Общественного Здравоохранения, создал центр знаний психического здоровья, деятельность которого имеет существенное значение на международном уровне.
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